Friday, February 12, 2010

Be Mine

Our little play group had a Valentine's party this week, so we got a little taste of what school celebrations will be like in the future. To tell the truth, though, this party set the bar pretty high, as all the moms were really into it and everyone contributed something really special. For our Valentines, Little Omi and I made recycled crayons (recipe here) and sugar cookies. We attached Baby Bro's cards (found here) to the crayons since Omi's were the folding kind. Gramma had just given us this set of cookie cutters, which sort of combines cookie cutters with a letterpress—how cool is that? So we just had to make personalized cookies for all the kids in the play group.


Lisa said...

What fun! I love the cookie cutters and the cookies turned out so fabulous. Naomi and Hero's Grandma always find the BEST things. :)

Katie said...

That cookie cutter/letter press is awesome. I can imagine many more customized cookies in Naomi's future!

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