Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We just experienced a typical Oklahoma weather event—"winter mix." This starts out as freezing rain, which usually lays down a good layer of ice on all the roads, and then turns into sleet, which in this case, put a heavy layer of ball-bearing ice pellets on top of the ice. We're on day 2 of school closings, the day when school really could've been open because the sun is shining and the roads are mostly fine, but the kids can finally play outside so everyone's happy.

Since Little Omi hasn't had a good snow experience yet, I really wanted to make snow ice cream with her. But this white stuff on the ground wasn't technically snow, and therefore would make horrible snow ice cream. As it turns out, though, the tiny pellets of ice made perfect snow cones. We poured some simple syrup and food coloring over the ice, and presto! We each had two. After all, snow cone ice doesn't fall from the sky every day.

Baby shower

baby gift set
turtle onesie
monkey onesie
Two of the moms in our playgroup are having babies very soon. After much debate over the appropriateness of second showers, the other moms and I agreed that we all wanted to give these new babies some gifts, so we decided to have an unofficial joint shower for the two women. Here are the items I was working on up until the last minute. I might have been able to finish them sooner, but before this I was working on a birthday present (another appliqué t-shirt) and I completely RUINED it by poking a hole in the knit right next to the appliqué. Now I've completely scrapped the first idea I had (a lion) and I have to start from scratch. Meanwhile, the birthday was over a week ago. It's a good thing our playgroup doesn't have any more birthdays in the next couple of months or I would be starting a backlog.
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