Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Before I go to bed, I'm going to run around

Oh, dear. Ever since the Wii came into our house there has been a very sharp decrease in my attention to the blog. Actually, I've been trying to write one of those sweet letters to Little Omi that everyone seems to be able to craft when their child passes a milestone (like, say, turning 2) and I've been having a lot of trouble making it coherent and less stream-of-consciousness. That, and my craftiness had all but dissipated in the heat of summer. But, I promise to write more than one paltry new entry per month from here on, starting now:

Little Omi, like her mother, loves Miffy, the sweet little bunny created by Dick Bruna. For some reason, Miffy is not a big deal here in the states, but she's quite popular abroad, where one can buy all sorts of fun Miffy merch or completely deck out your baby's nursery with a Miffy theme. As I said, not so here. So, I thought it might be fun to make a completely unlicensed Miffy bed for Little Omi. Up to now, she has been sleeping on her crib mattress on the floor, which was working out okay until my mom found a brown recluse spider in her house and I started to worry about little critters crawling into bed with her at night. The bed itself was fairly easy to construct. I bought a piece of plywood and some 2x4's at our local hardware megastore and had them cut it down to the size I needed, then put it all together with screws. I covered the sides and the headboard with 2" foam and some batting before covering that with soft navy decorator-weight fabric, and, finally, the little Miffy head on the headboard. If you look at the foot end of the mattress, you can tell that I forgot to add in the 2 inches of length on the platform that would be displaced by the headboard foam, so the mattress overhangs by a bit, but when I finally discovered that, the bed was in place and Little Omi was ready to sleep in it, so, live and learn!

Also, don't you just wish you had a spare $9,560 to drop on this little Wilber?
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